I made a maquette!

As a post-graduation project, I decided to make one (by the way, I graduated from college the other day, haha), because I never got around to taking the maquette making class at my school. This is only like my third maquette-y thing made. Before, I’ve made a human skeleton/muscle sculpture for my anatomy class and like…. 6 years ago, I tried to make a figure of the G-Man from Half-Life 2. 

Anywho, considering, this one turned out pretty good, I must say! It’s Slim the Zombie and I tried to include as many of the cuts and rips in his clothing as I could, though I regrettably missed the giant chunk that’s supposed to be missing from his vest. Oh well. 

There are few things that bug me - like the noticeable crack in his neck - but I can live with it, cause I would like to get him painted and I don’t think sticking the thing back in the oven will fix the crack if I fill it in. In fact, it was much smaller and I had tried that and it… kinda of made it worse.

But whatever!

I’m really happy with it : ) I’ll try and get better pictures in a room that is not my bathroom when he’s painted later~

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